Five Resources to Help You Develop a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Almost everyone today has email. If you ignore this obvious yet important fact (like many law firms do, unfortunately), you could be overlooking an entire field of unpolished diamonds just waiting to be gathered. Email gives you a remarkable opportunity to continue engaging your unconverted leads, for as long as they remain subscribed to your list. With a properly crafted email marketing campaign, you can eventually turn many of these leads into paying clients.

That said, you’ll be facing the challenge of regularly capturing your subscribers’ attention, because people’s inboxes are typically flooded with emails. How do you craft compelling messages that these unconverted leads will actually read? The following five resources should help guide the way.

  1. Email Marketing Rules by Chad S. White (3rd Edition)
    Updated for 2017, this manual takes a comprehensive look at email marketing, offering 150 rules for best practices in developing and implementing a campaign.
  2. Email Marketing Demystified by Matthew Paulson
    From building a solid email list to writing compelling copy, this book takes you step-by-step through the process of tailoring an email campaign for your business.
  3. The Everything Email Podcast by LiveIntent
    This ongoing monthly podcast offers a well-rounded look at aspects of email marketing, from design to omnichannel marketing. Clocking in at 15-20 minutes per episode, for a small time investment, this podcast returns a large payoff.
  4. Ask Me About Email Marketing by Tom Tate/AWeber
    Hosted by AWeber, one of the most popular mass email companies in the commercial space, this podcast could be considered the definitive go-to place for almost anything you want to know about email marketing. No need to go through every episode, unless you want to be an email marketing guru yourself, but you’re certain to find answers to almost any question you might have.
  5. Call to Action Podcast by Unbounce
    Few elements of your email campaign matter more than the call to action. Not relegated to emails alone, this podcast will help you refine your CTA for virtually all your marketing avenues.

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