6 Elements every lead magnet book cover should have

What’s ON your book is as important as what is IN it

If you have been following me for any time at all, you know the cornerstone of my coaching rests on having a book to create author, celebrity and expert status. We refer to it as A.C.E. The biggest challenge I have is convincing folks not to get in their own way over this book. This isn’t your memoir (that is a good project someday) but this book is crafted to root out the “problem” a prospect has and show how you and you alone are the solution to the problem by offering useful content.

When you are ready to publish your book, you will need a cover created by an artist in the correct file format and resolution to grab the reader. I recommend simple, yet engaging graphics, but there are some elements that EVERY lead magnet book cover should ALWAYS have.

1.   A tagline. Your tagline should be clear and serve as a brief, one-line pitch for your target audience.

2.   Your bio. Every book cover should have your professional image headshot on the back.

3.   Testimonials. You should have at least one but two are even better with the location, first name and at least last name initial. (You can include more inside if you want)

4.   Your phone number AND web address—both should be trackable.

5.   A teaser for an offer inside the book. Everyone should want to open to find out what the irresistible offer is.

6.   Your title. You should have a great title. If it doesn’t say what you do, a subtitle should do that.

If you have a graphic artist, he or she can easily do this, or there are many services such as elance.com; fiverr.com and killercovers.com were you can get a quality cover designed inexpensively.



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