A little change can make a big difference

So many times when I work with clients they think that in order to make a big difference in their practice they need to make big changes. Many times, that’s just not true.

Here’s a story I originally heard from Larry Winget that makes my point. One day, when we lived back east, I was watching a good old fashioned summer storm roll in with my 8 year old son. And I took the opportunity to use it as a teaching moment. I said, “Hey kid, did you know that a storm cloud is made of 98% water?” It was news to him and we had a good time discussing it. A few days later, we were going grocery shopping when my son spotted the watermelon bin and requested we buy some. Again I figured I would teach, so I said, “Hey kid, did you know that a watermelon is made of 95% water?” We walked for a little while longer when he said, “dad, that means a watermelon missed being a storm cloud by only 3%!”
See, a little change can make a very big difference. If that’s not convincing enough, here’s an example from a popular website, WhichTestWon.com. It clearly shows that the smallest change can have the biggest difference. (If you can’t see the text, feel free to visit the website).

Which test won pic2

Ok, so lets bring this point home. How does this translate to your firm? Well, when marketing your services we always say an offer isn’t an offer without a deadline. When we started using Television to market a bankruptcy firm in Phoenix, we got decent results, about eight leads per spot. But then we realized we’d made a mistake and forgot to put a deadline on our offer. So we made a minor change. We put a limited supply on the offer. As soon as we did we went from 8 leads to 80 leads for the very same ad.

When building your business always look at small ways to make big changes before you commit to making big changes.

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