A Quick Guide to Direct Marketing for Law Firms

The legal industry is evolving. 

When you took the bar, there was no “marketing” section nor law firm marketing tips. And yet, the reality of law firm management is dependent on marketing to generate leads.

Marketing is necessary to attract new clients and grow your firm. In today’s competitive environment, effective law firm marketing strategies are an essential component of legal practice.

As Dan S. Kennedy says in his best-selling book, No B.S. Direct Marketing for Non-Direct Marketing Businesses, “always enter the conversation already occurring in the customer’s mind.” 

Direct response marketing is one of the most effective strategies for your law firm to raise market presence, expand its client base, and boost its revenue.

This article focuses on direct response marketing strategies for attorneys guided by Dan Kennedy’s tried and tested advertising principles

We at Richard James follow Dan Kennedy’s rules for every piece of advertising, copy, or marketing

  • We Always Make an Offer
  • We Personalize for Your Targets
  • We Create Clear Instructions
  • We Get Prospects to Respond Now
  • We Track and Measure
  • We Always Follow Up
  • We Value Results

If you want to learn more about how to apply direct marketing to your law firm marketing strategies or law practice, you can contact our experienced legal marketing team. Call us at Richard James, and have your Practice Mastered today. 

We Always Make Offers

Offers are the portals to lead generation. They are a type of leveraging used to develop existing leads into sales-ready prospects. But the term “offer” is so broad and ambiguous. Let me explain how we use this at Richard James.

In our marketing campaign efforts, we don’t wait for clients to need us; instead, we create conditions that suit each client’s needs to persuade them to need us. 

  • We can offer free consultations so that clients on the fence may get a sense of our service before committing. 
  • We can offer free products and legal services or assistance to create a relationship with potential customers.

Through these simple initiatives, we persuade a client to take an actionable step toward becoming a new client of ours.

We Personalize for Our Targets

While it may be tempting to target a large demographic, direct marketing is most effective when a specific customer profile is in mind. 

The majority of marketing is broad, ambiguous, and general, rather than specific, targeted, and customer-centric. We personalize a law firm marketing plan for your subscribers and target audience based on their distinct interests, lifestyles, and preferences. 

Personalization and targeting increase the odds that your offer will stand out amongst a sea of generic emails, delivering the results that your brand deserves. 

To customize promotions, such as email marketing, the oldest trick in the book is to incorporate the person’s name, and address. However, a successful law firm takes it to the next level. They include how the legal firms might be able to assist them in their needs. Reaching a prospective client in specific verticals, geographic zones, or specialized markets is part of the marketing goals.

Our objective is to make you a big fish in a small pond.

We Create Clear Instructions

According to Dan Kennedy:

  1. Confused customers do nothing.
  2. Most people do a pretty good job of following directions.

Our firms marketing success is linked to our capacity to generate action from current and potential prospects. Following the call-to-action of our campaign, our next step is ensuring that potential clients understand how to get there. 

We set the course for our target audience by keeping our guidelines simple and clear. We ensure that our web design for a law firm website is concise and free from misleading instructions. We inform the prospect exactly what we want them to do next, how and when we want them to do it, and what follows once they do it. 

By identifying the next step in our call to action, we provide people with an instant opportunity to take immediate action. As a result, we convert each visit into leads.

We Get Prospects to Respond Now

The key to direct marketing is to create urgency in your potential and existing clients at every interaction – whether through inbound marketing, social media marketing, etc. It’s not enough to just have a list of prospects or potential customers without knowing how to appeal to them. 

In our law firm marketing strategies, we emphasize the term “now” or “today” paired with strong command verbs such as “subscribe to our newsletter” or “find out how” in our call to action. People don’t want to miss out on an opportunity, so we make sure ours is worth considering.

We Track and Measure

When it comes to a marketing tactic, there’s much to consider. We could talk for days (even weeks) about how to optimize your marketing campaign, maximize your marketing budget, identify common advertising design problems, explore best practices in digital marketing strategy, understand content marketing and engagement, and implement search engine optimization and Google Adwords, etc. 

But, in the end, it doesn’t matter how well-optimized your campaigns are or whether you’ve followed all known best practices if you can’t see and measure the results of your marketing effort. 

Data-driven marketing decisions are, after all, the most effective when converting to direct response marketing. Find out what’s working and what’s not. 

We Always Follow Up

In the follow-up process, it’s helpful to understand who you’re trying to reach, engage, and persuade, as well as how they like to receive information and offers. This may include referrals, existing customers, and new customers – just about anyone who’s shown interest in your campaigns is a potential client.

It’s pointless to get a lead for your law firm if you don’t know how to reach them. Direct-response legal marketing doesn’t stop at brand awareness and lead generation, you should take the next step and contact your prospects.

In online marketing, following up may come in the form of retargeting. This allows you to reconnect with people who have expressed interest in your business. Such is an excellent method to get prospective consumers.

Retargeting provides new points of contact with your law practice, services, and, more importantly, your brand. Thus, boosting the possibility that customers who are familiar with you will convert. 

Following up, whether online or offline, will allow you to restate your offer and change the mind of an ideal client. If not, ask them how they would like to proceed from this point. Then, you can suggest another offer that fits their expectation.

We Value Results

We prioritize results over anything else. We disregard our egos and emotions. That’s the old us, believing whatever we want to believe – It’s good if it sells; It isn’t if it doesn’t.

We provide the target audience with what they want instead of what they need. After all, who doesn’t want to indulge their wants every now and then?

In this manner, we almost always get the results we want and need.

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When using a direct-response approach to generate leads for law firms, the overarching purpose is to get the prospect to respond.

Entrusting the help of a business consultant and marketing professional will make US law company administration much less onerous for you. Connect with potential clients and prove your expertise through our law firm marketing plan.

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