And the winner is….?

You may have read or heard me talk about the five senses of communication—talking about lead conversion is one of my favorite topics. The subject of five senses usually comes up when I am teaching clients about how they MUST communicate with leads until they BUY, DIE or UNSUBSCRIBE. Why only communicate in one way? Our world is made of many different people, and each one responds differently to different kinds of communication. That’s why I recommend the five senses of communicating with leads: telephone conversations; text messages; email; direct mail; and outbound calling. If you have a system to be sure each of these is being in done in your firm, it’s likely you already have experienced how effective it is. I like Infusionsoft to help get these done, but they work regardless of the system you have in place.

I was recently asked which form of communication is best. It’s a great question, and I want to make sure everyone knows that ALL are still great when used together. However, the one tool nearly EVERY business has at its fingertips but is often overlooked in our busy world of technology is: telephone calls. If I only had one tool to use, it would be that one.

Why? It is significantly more difficult to ignore a live conversation. When you connect with people on the phone, you can learn more about them, build a deeper conversation and hear nuances in their voice that you simply cannot hear in an email. I love technology. It’s no secret. I am a closet geek. But you just can’t beat picking up the phone to communicate with unconverted leads!

Truth be told, picking up the phone to talk with colleagues, vendors or other contacts to clarify things or solve problems, can often be the quickest and easiest way to get the job done. The wisdom is to know the best tool for the best job at the best time.

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