Are you an attorney? There are acres of diamonds in your law firm…

Actual diamonds in their roughest form look more like shiny rocks than diamonds. If one doesn’t know what they are looking for, they are likely to completely miss them. The same can be said for the acres of diamonds aching to be found in your law firm. As our study below shows, most attorneys completely ignore what we call the unconverted lead.

I can remember talking to an attorney at the a trade show and when I asked her what she did about people who didn’t show up to their appointments she rolled her eyes and said, “we write them off, who wants them, they didn’t have the decency to show up, we’re not going to chase them”.

Wow, we could probably cover an entire chapter on that one comment alone. Suffice it to say, I’ve found a single word to be the problem; P.R.I.D.E., it’s the five letter word that keeps attorneys from millions of dollars. When I pressed the issue and asked if she know how many people didn’t show up to their appointment, she said about half don’t show up. That’s 50% of her marketing dollars she’s completely ignoring.

Are you serious? Yep, she was as serious as a heart attack. I’m guessing there are countries where you could be canned for less, and if there isn’t, there should be. When I pointed out my opinion on this matter, she sort of shrugged her shoulders as if to say, hey you might be right, but I don’t intend on changing anytime soon.

A younger version of me would have kept pressing the issue, just to satiate my thirst to rid the world of stupid. But the older wiser version of myself understands what my uncle said all those years ago, “Rich, you simply can’t push a rope”. So, I just smiled, inwardly knowing, one day I’d have a client in her geographic region, and they’ll be the one benefitting from her short comings.

I notice other attorneys take rejection from potential clients personally. I was on a strategy session with a new prospective client last week and they told me, “Rich, I close most of my deals, but when they leave my office and don’t hire me, man it kills me for days wondering what I did wrong, but worse, I know I’ll never get them back”. My first point of council was that he should never take it personally. When a person says no, they are not saying “NO”, they are simply saying “Not Right Now”. Secondly, I explained that in this world there are skimmers and divers. Divers are the people who act immediately when they see something they believe has value. Skimmers on the other hand need time. They tend to want to digest and study.

The key is not to take skimmers personally but rather to ensure you have an excellent follow up system to stay in touch with the skimmer until they make a buying decision. He didn’t have any follow up system. “That’s great news”, I said, now we know where to start?

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