Are you busy or are you productive?

You know those days that you look up from your work and are stunned to see you have been sitting for hours and you haven’t gotten as much as a 15-minute break?

Sure you have. We ALL have.

Now think of that same day when you try to document what you actually got accomplished and you can’t think of one single task you completed.

Some of the busiest days can result in nothing getting done.
There’s a big difference between being busy and getting things done.

Busywork days are those where you answer emails, respond to voice mails and answer staff questions. These are those days where every single interruption takes a firm grasp of you and pulls you in.

You allow it.

These days tend to sap your energy. You end the day feeling like you have been on a treadmill yet you have checked nothing off your list.

You are busy, not productive.

On the flip-side, there are days where it seems you are able to plow through every big rock on your list. Task, task, task. Check, check, check. Done, done, done.

Here’s the thing. On those focused, productive days, the emails, voice mails, calls and other interruptions kept right on spilling in. Yet, the world didn’t stop spinning and by the time you get to those emails, you find many magically resolved themselves without a word from you.

Try to focus on how you feel when you have these productive days. Grasp the feeling, remember how you felt and more importantly, remember each of the tasks you were able to complete. When you can for yourself to remember how you focused only on the tasks at hand and did not allow the interruptions to steal your focus you are able to stretch the success to the next time.

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