Are you considering a call center in your business?

I have always been a preacher of follow up, follow up, follow up! Communicate with your unconverted leads until they die, buy or unsubscribe.

If you are just getting started with your outbound calling program, one of the first things you have to think about is staffing.

Some of the questions to think about are:

  • Who will perform these calls?
  • How many minutes can you actually keep someone on the phone each week?

If you already have a staff member with additional time to spare, you might like to assign this task as a test. The answer to how many minutes you can keep them dialing depends strongly on the environment from which they are calling.

One of my clients had two headsets and he was making 40,000 dials in the course of a year. He was averaging 40,000 dials in the course of the year and if he took the average time on the phone with hang ups and everything else as 2 minutes a call, he was doing 80,000 minutes a year. Take that 80,000 minutes a year and divide it out by the 50, and he was doing somewhere around 1500 minutes a week. According to that, he was balancing out around 300 minutes a day; that is an extremely aggressive, efficient model.

This model is a good one to aim for: A 40-hour work offers 2400 actual minutes of work time but if you use this model, there are still 900 additional minutes to complete call dispositions and other tasks. Don’t forget, setting this up will be the lengthiest of the processes. Other things to consider are: training; call disposition management; phone system; etc. But to begin testing the results, especially when you already are supporting the costs associated for that staff person, you likely have all you need to begin.

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