Books and Law Firm Marketing

Effective Marketing through Books


For marketing to be successful, it is vital to present your law firm as a reliable business. Show how clients can and why clients should get your law services. It is not enough to simply show potential customers the law services you provide. 

In the traditional marketing process, the norm is positioning awards and recognitions on the office wall, side-by-side lists of services offered. This tactic helps establish your authority and credibility. Similarly, any marketing tool you employ through your digital channels should improve your online presence.

If your law firm business needs a boost, make sure you do offline and online marketing right. While trying to be the best lawyers in your practice area, get in touch with Richard James for reliable consulting and marketing solutions.


US Law Firm Management and Successful Marketing

To reach their business objectives, law firms must integrate appropriate marketing solutions and engage in well-planned marketing activities to have a higher chance of achieving their business objectives. 

For one, effective marketing programs should demonstrate your expertise in your area of practice. On top of being a source of information, you should connect with potential clients and show them that you know what you are doing. Getting a business consultancy and marketing specialist will make US law firm management a lot less stressful for you.

Word of mouth and reviews also help in improving and nurturing public relations. Positive feedback could be your edge over a competitor, with satisfied clients helping you grow your business through successful referral. Their testimonials can help potential customers see that your firm can indeed solve their legal problems.


Lead Magnets, Books, and US Law Firm Management

In EA Nation, we believe the primary method of generating leads is to use a lead magnet. Further, we believe that our primary lead magnet should be a book. In the eyes of a consumer, a book is a real premium that carries value and credibility. Additionally, a book allows the business owners to position themselves as an Author, a Celebrity, and an Expert, A.C.E.

At one point in my career working with attorneys, I wrote books for attorneys for a fee. While I didn’t particularly enjoy it, I do believe that having a book is a vital marketing tool to the owners of small and solo law firms. That’s why when I launched Partners Club, I decided to write books for every practice area under the sun and give the content as a member benefit of Partners Club. Today, there are hundreds of law firms using our materials to create their very own A.C.E. Marketing position.


Translating Your Marketing Efforts to Marketing Success

The adoption of this tool by so many, however, has now created another problem. “Hey, Richard, now that I have the book, what should I do with it?” That’s what I call a million-dollar question, and below is a quick outline of what you should do with your book.

Now that I have my book, what should I do with it? Send a signed copy to your mom, kids, grandkids, spouse, and good friends and mentors. This will do nothing of significance for your business, but it will do wonders for your ego. And, whether we like to admit it or not, our egos do need to be fed from time to time to keep us going. I wish and pray for the ability to work solely for the good of God and his plan, but I’m human, and I feed off of positive reinforcement. I’m guessing you do, too.

Start by creating campaigns that offer a free copy if requested to:

  • Past clients
  • New customers
  • Referral sources

It would also help to create campaigns that offer a free copy if requested to re-engage unconverted leads and to develop new leads through:

Train your phone staff to use the 11-Step Structure of Setting an Appointment, and create an excellent sales page to allow those who request the book the opportunity to schedule a consultation.


A Good Ad to Make the Most Out of New Marketing Tactics

Both marketing online and offline requires extensive market research. The most effective marketing tool is always one that suits your practice and meets your specific business needs. When it comes to ads for your book, it helps to look at the following:


Book Cover

The graphics are usually simple in a good book cover, the type is clear, and the copy is compelling.  It attracts those who are attracted to the hero and his enemies. The author is celebrated as an expert, and it uses pictures that the readers of this book will recognize.



Mentioning the name, especially using a picture of a celebrity in an ad, is something you should consider. Do it if your book can include a celebrity. And don’t tell me your book can’t have a celebrity.  Many celebrities went bankrupt, got a DUI, divorced, or died without proper estate planning, and caused their family heartache.



There are various ways of coming up with a terrific headline. It could include the enemy of your target market and a curiosity moment created by the target market’s hero.  This is why you want to work with a copywriter who understands how to do this.  Think of this as an investment into creating an asset that you’ll own for life.



An effective sub-headline further sucks you into the copy and starts sliding you down the desired readership path.



A good copywriter can make proper use of bullets to make the significant points simple to read. It also allows for a secondary readership path for those who wish to skim the ad.


Third-Party Credibility

Being a #1 seller, even if for only one day on Amazon, is a big deal to the consumer. Your potential clients will have no idea if this book is a number one seller most of the time.  But, without taking the time to verify that information, they’re forced to trust it’s true because it’s said in the ad.



Carefully crafted testimonials that use the first and last names of those relevant to the story can be used to market your practice.  In the case of a law firm, these testimonials should be of satisfied clients who experienced similar challenges as your target audience.


Strong Call to Action

Do not forget to ask for the order. It could be a call to visit a website, a direct swipe of the ad, or you could call a toll-free number. Hopefully, you’ll get an excellent rep who can close the deal. (When you are a student of sales and marketing, you think differently about telemarketers!) With a very compelling phone rep, anyone who calls the number will not be able to get off without buying a subscription.


My Business is Not Different From Your Business

Many lawyers fail to see the importance of US law firm management and coming up with a well-designed marketing program. Both big and small businesses need marketing methods that suit them. For law firms, converting inquiries into a measurable increase in clients can be difficult. This is why you need a legal consultant with extensive experience in marketing plans.

Let’s say your digital marketing plan includes a marketing website, and you are not getting inbound web traffic. You will need experienced consulting and marketing professionals who can help you try out new things, such as working on a book and an accompanying advertisement.

Some ads are considered freemium ads designed to convert the target audience to a subscription program of a particular news medium. While your ad will not necessarily be intended to give a free copy of a book to sell subscriptions to other new media, it is essentially the same thing. The idea is to consider giving away a free copy of your book to sell initial consultations (whether they be free or paid).  


A Marketing Campaign to Beat Previous Marketing Campaigns

Keeping up with evolving marketing techniques is crucial to build your law firm and reach your marketing objectives. However, the fastest-growing marketing trends that work for some firms may not work as well for you. If your marketing team does not know how to use these trends efficiently, you will not get significant ROI from the marketing budget.

For marketing and business consultancy needs, get a team who can help your law firm. Branding, personalizing your website design, making clients start calling or messaging your firm, improving the customer journey: even for experienced lawyers, these things can be very confusing without a good marketer.

If you want your business to grow, you need someone with the right consultancy and marketing skills. The goal is to market to your target audience and meet them where they are. Your business goals should always include being more profitable while giving your clients the services they need. Show that through the marketing strategies you employ.


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Looking for the best marketing techniques is not easy, but also not impossible. Today, law firms benefit significantly from an excellent digital marketing strategy. But marketing online-and offline-require market research and knowledge on effective US law firm management.

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