Borrowing Celebrity

It has been proven time and time again that being a celebrity in your field can afford you more leads, higher conversions due to trust and higher fees. The reality is, people trust celebrities more.

I teach my clients a principle called A.C.E. (Authorship, Celebrity and Expert). I have proven that when you mix being an Author with the Expert and Celebrity factor everything about your business improves.

However, I often run into attorneys who don’t want to take the time to create a book or produce a TV or Radio spot. Maybe it’s because they don’t have the time, maybe it’s because they have an issue with being on TV or Radio. Whatever the case, we could argue that they should do it but alas, that won’t accomplish our goal.

So, what I’d like to discuss is how to “borrow” celebrity. What do I mean by “borrow”? The concept is this, find someone who is well known or even better famous and relate them to your industry in some way. I’ll give you an example from the Bankruptcy Law world.

The first example is from bankruptcy attorney Ronald J. Dresher. On election day, he shared an info graphic of previously bankrupt presidents. He called it The Flag of Bankrupt Presidents. This is a perfect example of borrowed celebrity. In the United States you can’t get much more famous than being a past president and the fact that each of these presidents had bankruptcy issues in their past was a perfect bridge to Ronald’s practice. Ronald wisely posted this info graphic on his blog, social media and other article marketing sites, not to mention other bloggers like myself will pick up on this further giving the page back links and more traffic. Some of that traffic will be people who are in need of bankruptcy services that happen to live in Ronald’s geographic area. Some of those people will navigate to Ronald’s website and contact him all because he borrowed someone else’s celebrity. It was a wise marketing decision and it goes to show Robert is on top of his game. Well done.

This is just one example of hundreds that are available to you as an attorney. Find some time, look at your practice area and then look for celebrities, both dead and alive that you can use. You never know, you might find a president or two that filed divorce or a wealthy tycoon that died without an estate plan.

Building a better business, one borrowed celebrity at a time…

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