Follow the journey of three attorneys as they balance their personal lives and their dedication to their law firm in this free mini-documentary series.

Attorney George McCraine

Attorney George and Danielle McCranie thought running a successful law firm meant 14-hour days, raising kids at the office, and never having time for themselves…

Attorney Jaime Miller

Attorney Jamie Miller thought to grow his firm, he had to work every Saturday, spend more money on advertising, and always be connected to the firm…

Attorney Bert Diener

Attorney Bert Diener’s firm was declining. He was breaking promises to his family and his team. But he knew there had to be a better way…

If you relate to this story, you should know that you CAN live life on your terms, but you must take action or nothing will change.

We can show you a path to a better life… a path from CHAOS to FREEDOM.



Presented by business consultant, Richard James — this emotional documentary follows the stories of three attorneys who were struggling to keep their law firms afloat. They were overworked, attempting to balance family-life while maintaining their business. By following the 5-steps of the MasterClass, they went from being overwhelmed with chaos to finding freedom and happiness within their law firms.

After working with over 900+ law practices like yours, including the three highlighted in this series, we’ve found that the most successful practices excel by following 5 simples steps. This MasterClass will outline these proven steps used to grow their law firm, help more clients solve their life changing problems, and add $200,000 annually without having to spend more money on advertising.

If this showcase resonated with you and you found yourself relating, we’d like to offer you a free 24-hour access pass to the MasterClass so you too can build the practice of your dreams.

You’re worthy of building a very successful law practice that supports your lifestyle, not one that consumes your life.


Richard James

Richard James, Founder and President of Your Practice Mastered has earned a reputation as a national “Legal Systems Expert”. His legacy includes a career of building businesses in three different industries bringing his secret to each to achieve success. His success ingredient is simple: systems.

Author of four (4) books, The DNA of the Autonomous Attorney and Discover The Acres Of Diamonds In Your Law Firm, The Attorney’s Guide to Personal and Financial Freedom, The Favor (The Single Obligation That Changed One Attorneys Life Forever). Richard has devised a seven-step system for designing and implementing automated marketing systems that grow your law firm FAST.

Richard knows how to build a small law firm because he actually did it. Beginning with virtually nothing but two men in a room literally sharing a desk, Richard grew a Phoenix law firm to surpass $3.5 million in sales in just over two years!

Today, Richard runs Your Practice Mastered and the Partners Club Program and has served over 900 owners of small and solo law firms to build systems that support their dreams and aspirations rather than undermine their lifestyle.

Richard believes that systems should run your law firm and people should run your systems.