Creating Lead Converting Email Newsletters for Your Law Firm: The “Dos”

Hopefully you understand the importance of staying engaged with your law firm’s email leads—but the truth is that’s only half the battle. Now you must engage them correctly. How do you write compelling copy that moves your leads toward conversion, rather than toward the unsubscribe button? We’ll address this question in this post and the next. Let’s start with some of the “dos.”

DO Automate the Process

Automate, automate, automate. The less you have to think about it, the better. Because you’re a lawyer, not a full-time email marketer. Set up a drip campaign where certain pre-written emails automatically get sent to particular leads at different stages of the marketing pipeline. Automate your email system, and watch the conversions start happening with relatively little effort on your part.

DO Test and Tweak

Every email list responds a little differently, and slight changes you make in your strategy can have profoundly different results. Try sending emails once a week; if you get too many unsubscribes or not enough click-throughs, try once every two weeks. Test longer emails versus shorter ones. Change the language now and then, to see if your metrics change. Your email marketing strategy should be an evolving process to maximize effectiveness.

DO Optimize for Mobile

Emailmonday has posted statistics from sources over several years showing that more and more people are now accessing email from their mobile devices (54% currently, according to the Litmus report). If your email can’t be read easily via smartphone, you are missing out on conversions, period.

DO Segment Your Email List

Be respectful of your readers’ time, and spare them the content that isn’t relevant to them. So separate your list according to a wide range of criteria, including age, location, legal needs, etc. Customizing emails to targeted segments of your list is a proven strategy to increase your conversion rate.

DO Include a Call to Action in Every Email

It’s human nature; even if they want what you’re selling, people typically need a nudge. Every email should include an invitation to take the next step with you. If you don’t include a CTA every time, you’re wasting an opportunity to mine gold.

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