Digital Disaster

As I am staring blankly at a screen, I slowly begin to realize that my life is being controlled by a tiny inanimate object. With technology advancing every day, people are more likely to become addicted to a screen. Technology is becoming their best friend. The rapid growth in technology has taken over my life instead of improving it. Technology grabs my mind into addicting games and funny games when my mind should be on homework, and it hinders my necessary social interaction.

My life has become a digital disaster. On a daily basis, I am posting, tweeting, uploading, texting, pinning, and watching all distractions technology malevolently provides for me. First of all, texting has become a daily activity. In thirteen days, I sent 5,879 texts, that is 452 texts a day. Secondly, social networking time takes over my homework time. Why should I do my utterly boring and dreadful math homework, when I could be planning my wedding on Pinterest or singing with Katy Perry on YouTube? If technology was not sitting by me every night calling my name and begging me to see what that cute boy in chemistry posted on Instagram, I would have my homework completed at a reasonable time every night. Because of technology, texting is now a natural habit and homework time is shared with uploads.

Even though my fingers get an intense work out from the nonessential amount of texting that I do in my day, I realize that technology is a mercilessness murderer of my social life. It clutches my voice and claws and shreds it into pieces until it becomes an uneducated disarray of words. I will admit it, I am guilty of physically saying “lol” or “omg” in a conversation. Also technology has made it problematic for me speak to people. When you are conversing over the telephone or on a video chat it demolishes your confidence in a real-life conversation. I am going to personally thank the advancing in technology for my occasional in formal speech and for the decrease in my confidence for face-to-face conversation.

I realize that the inventors of the new and up-coming technology are trying to make their little boxes of evil more convenient for me, but they have done the exact opposite. They have engineered a dystopian life style filled with distractions and informalities in my social life that have not made my life any more beneficial.

–Gabby Zeiss



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