Do you need to fix the No. 1 problem in your Law Firm?

Here’s a shocker for you. How do you increase cash in a business?

Raise prices.

Wow, earth-shattering.

Wouldn’t it be nice if that was it? Game over, close the book and go to work. Rich gave me all of the information I need, so now I can sleep at night. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. For some of you, raising prices is one of those concepts you just can’t fathom. Right now, you’re having a hard enough time as it is telling prospects what you charge. You know for a fact your competition is charging less than you and you’re confident your client knows it. Many of you have a difficult time seeing yourself as more valuable than the rate you currently charge.

I get it. I’ve worked with countless attorneys just like you who couldn’t imagine charging a single penny more than they’ve been charging for years.

Here’s the problem: if you don’t charge the right amount, you’re not going to be able to accomplish everything else I teach you. The math simply won’t work. So, be sure to get your pricing right.

Action steps:

  • Shop your competition. What are they charging?
  • Compare apples to apples. What services are included in your fees? In their fees?
  • Determine your conversion rate. Not what you think, but what really is by the numbers.

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