Draw a picture of your ideal client…

For the purposes of this experiment, we’ll assume you can draw. I say that because I certainly can’t draw a straight line. But for right now, imagine you have a canvas before you and you are drawing¬† a picture of the person that represents the client that is best suited for you.

Think about that person. What does that person ‘look like’? What is this person’s annual revenue? What is the problem this person is trying to solve? What is his/her age? How long has this person been in business? Are they employed? Where do they live? Do they own their own home?

When you have a profile in mind of the perfect client that you wish to serve, your chances of actually attracting that client grows. If you don’t have any specific person in mind, you will likely attract all kinds of clients–many that you would rather someone else help out. Plus, when you have that client profile hammered out, you can direct your marketing and referral efforts to attract that person.

So, take your time, think about the perfect client and spend time committing these characteristics of this person on paper. Answer these questions when you are drawing this picture and listing the characteristics:

  • What other services or products would this person buy or need?
  • Where do they learn their information? Online? Newspaper? Television? Peers?
  • How does this person find out about services such as yours?

Once you have this profile completed, you will have a better idea of how to prepare your copy, your messaging points, your ad placement options and how to craft your website.

Finally, you will also recognize your client a mile away, and you’ll be able to know who ISN’T your client too.

So get to know your perfect client and prepare for them to stream into your firm.

Building Better Business Systems For Law Firm Owners