Five Podcasts to Help You Polish Unconverted Leads

Sticking with our diamond analogy from the previous few blog posts, remember that your unconverted leads represent untapped wealth for your business, just like diamonds in the rough. To turn them into revenue, you must simply harvest these diamonds and polish them—to cut and hone the rough edges to reveal the shine underneath.

How do we polish these diamonds? Communication. We keep engaging these unconverted leads in one form or another until we bring them to the next step of making an appointment, and eventually to the step of hiring you.

In this and the next few posts, we will discuss various aspects of effective communication with your leads. I personally recommend using several forms, including email, direct mail, text messaging and good old-fashioned phone calls. However, the words you use to communicate are just as important as the methods you choose to communicate. For that reason, I’d like to suggest the following five podcasts, each of which offer key advice on how to engage your leads more effectively.

  1. The McMethod Email Marketing Podcast

This podcast devotes itself exclusively to techniques of effective email marketing. While it caters primarily to freelance copywriters, you can glean useful information and tips to craft emails that hit their target every time.

  1. Small Business Big Marketing: “How to Write Copy That Converts.”

This single episode addresses effective techniques for various types of written-word communications to convince your leads to take the next step.

  1. Lewis Howes: “Chris Lee-The Art of Listening.”

Addressing verbal communication, this episode teaches the value of listening—a key to effective phone conversations, as we’ll address in a future post.

  1. Thriving Therapy Podcast: “Increase the Effectiveness of Your Communication.”

A little psychology never hurt anyone. While this is a podcast for therapists, this particular episode features communication expert Dr. Simone Alicia and addresses how to communicate with potential clients (read: your unconverted leads).

  1. SCORE: “Communicating Effectively in the Workplace”

Addressing both verbal and written forms, communications expert Bob Parkinson offers advice that will help you convey your message more effectively to potential clients, regardless of what outlets you use.

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