Follow up with unconverted leads…your beach chair awaits you…

If you have been reading these blog posts for any  length of time, you know I preach the Gospel of following up with unconverted leads. Today, I want to share a recent testimonial.

The other day, I received an email from one of our contacts who is not yet a client. Like other attorneys I have met through events or who have come to us through our many varied channels, he has been hearing my mantras and reading my blogs but has not yet completely committed to  ‘drinking the Kool-Aid’.

In his own words, he wrote:

“I just wanted you to know that your voice pushing me to: ‘Follow up on unconverted leads. Follow up on unconverted leads’ has been rolling around in my head since we spoke a few weeks ago.”

“I still haven’t set up a system, but I finally did something about following up yesterday on just one immigration case that I really wanted. I had my legal assistant call the client. It turns out that she hadn’t returned because she only had most, but not all, of the initial retainer I had requested. My assistant assured her that something could probably be worked out with me if she returned.”

“That client just came in, paid the vast majority of the requested deposit and promised the remainder of the deposit within the next two weeks–which is well before the case will be ready to be filed.”

“This case will bring thousands of dollars to my office.”

“I know that we won’t be batting a 1000 on all of these in the future. But before I started work on that case, I wanted to first write and thank you.”

Just as I have said  time and time again, building a system to follow up on unconverted leads is likely to mean the difference between having the law firm that you currently have and having the practice of your dreams. With one of my clients, we were able to track $160,000 in revenue from the unconverted leads that became clients in our firm in ONE YEAR ALONE! That’s more than some small firms do in one year TOTAL!

Follow up on your prospects who don’t set appointments, don’t show or don’t hire. It could mean more time in the beach chair for you this year.

In the meantime, I will continue to find more ways to tell everyone why following up with unconverted leads is like mining diamonds in your own backyard. Want to read more about unconverted leads? Click here to request my second book, Discover The Acres of Diamonds in Your Law Firm.

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