Have I got a SHOCK for you!

When talking about direct mail, a favorite (and effective) tactic cannot be missed: the Shock and Awe package.
Image that it’s Christmastime for your prospects. They are in the dating phase, and you are flirting. They have heard of you, they have done something to raise their hand and say: Tell me more. Yet, they are still on the fence. Nothing quite knocks them off into YOUR pasture like a good shock and awe package of goodies selling them on you and your law firm. It’s like Christmas morning when everything tumbles out of that envelope.
What goes in it? What DOESN’T go in it is a better question. Whatever you have in our office to help them fall completely in love with you should be included. I’m talking calendars, brochures, pens, your bio, a CD with a video—you name it! It should be good and lumpy so they cannot RESIST opening it to find out what’s inside.
You can dedicate a staff person to having these prepared ahead of time so that they need only drop a label on them and push them out as your leads come in. Or, as you grow, fulfillment centers can handle this for you. Better yet, automate it and the transaction is seamless and your leads are wowed.
Another great use of the Shock and Awe is a reminder to our former clients of how much you value their business not to mention how much you appreciate referrals from them. Perhaps you send them a holiday package or a Thanksgiving THANK YOU with something of value inside such as a Tip calculator or a favorite piece of local chocolate. In any case, keeping your firm and their great experience fresh in their minds is what you are going for with these surprise mailings.
With all of the electronic and digital forms of communication today, direct mail is often overlooked. Shock and awe may be done with an email, but the effect just doesn’t carry the punch of receiving something unexpected and “SHOCKING” in the mail.

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