How to Fall in Love with Your Ideal Client

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I’ve got a question for you: Are you in love with your ideal client?

Yeah, I know it sounds trite and campy, but let me clarify. I don’t suggest you need to be in love with all your clients (and obviously I don’t mean romantically). I’m asking if you have fallen in love with your ideal client—the type of client that is perfectly matched to your law firm.

What do I mean by “falling in love” with your ideal client? What does that look like? It means that you are obsessed with making that client completely happy and satisfied to be working with you. It means you’ll go the extra mile to provide exceptional value for that person, and you won’t think of it as extra work because you’re happy to do it. It means that your client gains so much from working with you that they wouldn’t even think of going to another firm.

Is that what your ideal client relationship looks like? If not…it should.


Why You Should Love Your Ideal Client

When you let yourself become consumed with your ideal clients, you set your law firm up for exponentially greater success than if you just “tolerate” a bunch of clients that are less-than-ideal. Consider the following:

·     When you love your clients, you’ll naturally do your best work for them. This improves the quality of your service overall.

·     Happy clients become fiercely loyal. Your firm will enjoy greater financial security with low turnover rates.

·     Delighted clients will be your greatest cheerleaders. Referrals are still the best sources for new business, and when you make your clients insanely happy, they will almost always send other people your way.


Tips for Falling in Love with Ideal Clients

So how do you get this “love fest” started? How do you fan the flames of professional passion? Some tips to help:

·     Figure out what your ideal client looks like. If you haven’t yet identified the type of client best suited to your firm, now is the time to do so. Many resources are available to help, but this article in Entrepreneur might be a good starting point.

·     Learn to say no to less-than-ideal clients. No client is perfect, but you should also identify the kind of person that you don’t want as a client and be willing to pass on them. In his book Book Yourself Solid, Michael Port refers to this concept as a “red velvet rope.” You’ll learn which clients should be allowed past the rope and which should stay behind it. Your goal should be eventually to have all your clients be in the ideal category.

·     Always aim to provide extra value. Be looking constantly for new ways to surprise and delight your clients so they’ll never want to leave.


The more ideal clients you have, the greater the customer satisfaction you’ll enjoy, and the happier you’ll be in your practice. Ultimately, your goal should be to have all your clients be in the ideal category. If you need help figuring out who your ideal client is, give us a call at (888) 907-9958.

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