Is management a sometimes thing for you?

I was working with a client who has built a very nice practice for himself. However, he seems to consistently struggle with staff turnover and lack of company morale. Upon an exit survey from a key staff member, he found a rare moment of honesty. His staff told him flat out “you have no systems of management. Every day we reinvent how we do things around here and how we should quantify if we are doing a good job or bad job”.

Does this sound familiar to you?

If not, congratulations! But if it does, don’t fret, most small business owners go through this. When you started, you did everything yourself. And you developed your own systems to manage the workload. Then as you grew, you hired help and you trained them. As you grew some more, you hired help for your help. But this time, you let your first generation hires train your second generation hires and you assumed they were doing it the same way you did.

By the time you look up, you realize your staff is doing things differently and no two people measure by the same matrix. So, now what should you do? When you look at your business, you feel like you’re looking at a big tangled knot and you’re unsure where to start.

My advice? Start from the inspection reports and build backwards. Start from the results you are looking to achieve and how you wish to measure them and then work back from that point.

If you need help sorting this out, I can help. For a limited time, I am offering free 60-minute strategy sessions with a member of our staff. To arrange a time that works best for you to discuss YOUR practice, visit here.

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