Maximize Your Law Firm’s Profits through Automation

Once you have workable systems for your cash flow, management, workflow, marketing and other aspects of your business, there’s one more step to take, in order to maximize your results: automate.

Truly, the more of your systems you can automate, the more productive you’ll be. Because you’ll have more time to practice law, your primary service.

Meanwhile, your business effectively continues to grow and expand on its own with very little effort from you—because you’ve set it up to grow automatically. In her article on, Anita Campbell puts it this way:

There are plenty of great cloud software services out there to help you automate a wide array of business processes. That way you and your team can be freed up from drudgery and routine administrative work–and spend your time on creative innovations and giving personal attention to customers. Also, through automation, your business can gain internal efficiencies that drop more profit to your bottom line.

Which Processes Should Be Automated?

Examine any function of your business where automation could save you time and energy, without compromising quality. For example, you can look at:

  • Daily tasks (e.g., email replies, social media)
  • Repetitive tasks (e.g., reports, email marketing, accounting functions)
  • Non-scalable tasks (e.g., thank-you calls or emails that take longer as you get more clients)

Automation Tools for Small Businesses

Nowadays, many online services and software programs make it easy for smaller firms to automate. QuickBooks, for example, offers several automation tools for repetitive accounting functions, while Salesforce provides excellent tools for marketing automation and CRM. A recent Entrepreneur feature has a list of popular automation tools categorized by function.

And if you feel overwhelmed with the idea of automating your law firm, and need help on where to start, our team can help. Reach out here for a free initial consultation.

Building Better Business Systems For Law Firm Owners