Lead Conversion Tip: Direct Mail Still Works

You’ve probably figured out by now that while I embrace technology to make our processes easier (especially automation) when it comes to harvesting unconverted leads, I still believe in using tried-and-true methods that produce consistent results. One of those methods, outbound phone calls, we discussed in an earlier post. Another one you should consider: direct mail.

I saw the numbers myself in my own bankruptcy law firm: When I added a direct mail campaign to my other communication outlets, I witnessed a 40 percent increase in my business in a 6-month period of time. You might assume in today’s digital age that no one bothers with “snail mail” anymore, but my profits spoke for themselves.

What About State Bar Regulations?

When I suggest direct mail campaigns to my law firm clients, one of the first questions they ask is, “Doesn’t my state bar restrict direct mail solicitation?” Yes, most state bars do have tight regulations in place regarding direct mail advertising, but we’re not talking about advertising to generate leads. We’re talking about communicating with your existing leads. When you send direct mail to someone who has already expressed some interest in your firm at some point, you aren’t soliciting them, so check with the Bar if you have any concerns, but it’s likely that the advertising restrictions don’t apply.

Elements of an Effective Direct Mail Campaign

When reaching out to your unconverted leads through direct mail, I recommend using a variety of approaches, so it doesn’t come across as repetitive or harassing. I also recommend implementing some sort of tracking system so you always know where your leads are in the process and what sort of mail you’re sending them. Examples of direct mail items might include:

  • Instructional packages for clients who have scheduled appointments. This package could include questionnaires, forms and other instructions to bring to their appointment, to reinforce the weight of their commitment.
  • Periodic printed newsletters that provide useful information while maintaining relationships.
  • Special promotions or incentives to entice unconverted leads to call the office.
  • Long form sales letters, professionally crafted to generate interest and encourage action.

You can tailor your direct mail campaign to your firm’s specific needs and those of your prospective clients, but make sure you implement this time-tested method in some way. You won’t regret doing so.

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