Legal Marketing’s Best Weapon Against The Unconverted Lead

Legal Marketing’s Best Weapon

Last week I had a regular consulting session with a Bankruptcy Attorney.

We were discussing their current marketing and sales funnel.

When I asked, on average, how many times their call center call the unconverted lead, that’s people back who either don’t book an appointment, don’t show to the appointment they booked or don’t hire the firm on the first visit his answer took my breath away, Zero.

The bad news was, this firm needed help NOW! Finances were getting really tight, really fast.

The good news is, we had a plan that could make an immediate difference.

So, we put an immediate plan in action for their team to generate a list of all the old non converted leads. We identified who on their team could start making calls right now. No fancy systems, no fancy phones, no automated follow up systems, all they needed was a desk, a phone, a filing cabinet with file separators numbered 1-30, pen, paper and yellow folders. Start calling, writing down notes and put in the appropriate number (according to the date of call back) and work the files.

Now, what’s important to note is that I give this advice to clients roughly about once a month. Some take action, most don’t, for a whole bunch of reasons. This one took action.

Here is the email I received yesterday:

Weekend – generate list of people to call.

Tue go over project with staff and write scripts.

Wed – begin calling prospects who had an IC but did not hire us.

Result- as of 3:30 P.M. One appointment made to retain the office and two appointments made to follow up with attorney with additional questions.

Thank you, Rich!

This is with only 1 day of activity. If all 3 people hire they will generate roughly $10,000 in fees!

Imagine what will happen after a week, a month or perish the thought, a regular dose of phone call follow ups.

Arguably, they can vastly improve their odds by calling back all those leads that never came to an IC too, and we’ll get there.

The bottom line is they took MASSIVE action (over a holiday weekend) to improve their business and they took it immediately.

Don’t wait until you HAVE to do it. As business owners we are always one major Google change, Law Change, Media Change away from HAVING to do something. Take action now!

If you are not dedicating at least one person to make phone calls to your unconverted leads your leaving money on the table.

If you are already doing this, congratulations! Consider this your “pat on the back”

Don’t let the crap get in your way. I ran a 5 person call center with a cheap student desk, a $10 push button phone from Wal-Mart, pen, paper, and filing cabinets, all crammed into a 12×12 room and generated just under $1.5 million in sales in the first year! All that matters is that someone is making the calls, regularly. We can smooth out the edges later!

Building a better business, one phone call at a time…

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