Manual or automate? It’s a NO-BRAINER!

The following is an excerpt from Richard James’ new book Discover the Acres of Diamonds in your Law Firm.

Adding automation to a system that works is like Lance Armstrong on steroids, unstoppable. The difference between steroids and automation besides the obvious legal and ethical issues is that automation doesn’t have the long term side effects of steroids like testicular cancer and constant mood swings. Automation creates consistency in your practice and allows you to leverage your time and your cash flow. Having the ability to run reports, work flow and marketing on a regular repeatable schedule by setting it and forgetting it is a powerful position to be in.

For many of you, if someone calls your firm for information but doesn’t set an appointment your staff doesn’t harvest information about that lead. You just let it fade into the background. Do you understand that you paid for that lead? Whether it came from the phone book, the TV, or a referral, at some point you paid to make that phone ring. In most cases in my experience you paid on average $50 to make that phone ring and you’re simply going to ignore those leads?

Automation is likely one of your answers to discovering YOUR diamonds in your law firm.

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Building Better Business Systems For Law Firm Owners