Massachusetts Attorney Peter Daigle Puts Systems to Work in His Law Firm And Posts 42% To The Bottom Line.

My firm was already successful. My staff was used to running things their way. My practice was chugging along just fine.

Yet, I knew we had essentially hit the wall in capacity with the way we were doing business. I wanted to grow, and I knew the firm I had built would continue to move forward as it had but never grow. I knew in my heart of hearts that if I was going to grow, something was going to have to change.

“…I was running everything myself, and there was not much of “ME” left.”

When I met Richard and I heard his teachings about the value of systems, I knew that was exactly what my firm needed. I already had the qualified staff. But I was running everything myself, and there was not much of “ME” left. I needed systems to run my business and I knew my staff could run those systems.

Richard helped me create a plan and the first things we changed in our firm were our accounting and tracking processes. We never had one before and our firm never quantified our sales.

Through Richard, I learned how important this step is to nearly EVERYTHING! To plot our growth, make adjustments to marketing and to understand cash flow, accurate accounting and tracking is key!

Today, we know the cost of our leads so we can decide where to invest our marketing dollars where they will have the greatest impact.

We had never really paid attention to our leads before nor did we really understand where they were coming from.

As I learned, the success we had achieved prior to working with Richard would only help us improve as these systems took hold.

At first, our staff pushed back a bit wondering why things had to change.

Here’s what I told them.

I explained to them that despite all of their good work, I could not grow the business as were currently running it. I shared what I learned with them.

I believed fully and completely in our plan and that it works. I saw it work for other attorneys who learned how to run their law firm like the business it was.

“…I now hear from my employees that they, too, can see the success ahead.”

With Richard’s help, and as the business owner, I am PERSONALLY fully invested and my staff has come along too. In fact, I now hear from my employees that they, too, can see the success ahead.

One thing I never expected was the air of excitement in the office. There is more energy in the office than EVER before. Each and every day, our changes are making a difference.

We are moving forward as a tightly run, lead-generating machine thanks to Richard and his proven way of growing a law firm.

Working with Richard requires a commitment. I have digested all of the materials he has provided. I read his newsletters, I interact with fellow members of his program and share tactics and ideas with other entrepreneurial attorneys who are also growing and moving forward.

The only way to do this right is to do it whole-heartedly. I needed to jump in headfirst and you will too, if you want the systems to work for you and your firm like they are working for me and mine.

To learn how to run a law firm, there are no shortcuts–Richard has already built in the shortcuts.

To implement this process correctly and experience the success Richard shares, you need someone with experience in growing a law firm to get this right. And that person, without a doubt, is Richard.

To find out what Richard James program is all about I encourage to get started the way I did – grab a free copy of his book “The DNA of the Autonomous Attorney”. Go to…

Because of Richard James. My law firm is poised to grow faster than I ever knew was possible.

Richard was able to provide systems to help me grow my law firm to the next level. I have good, strong employees who were accustomed to running things one certain way. At first, there was some resistance. I kept promoting the vision of where our firm was headed. Helping our staff see the vision allowed us to get through the rough spots.

Today, I know where I want to go with my law firm and I know we are going to get there, thanks to Richard James.

I knew exactly what I wanted out of working with Richard and he has helped me make it possible.

Building Better Business Systems For Law Firm Owners