Masterminds Motivate!

As many of you already know, I am a disciple of Dan Kennedy, the master of copy. You probably also know that I am a product of his mastermind program too. Today, I am running my own mastermind group for law firm owners.

It’s about time to dissect exactly what a mastermind program is for those of you who may never have heard of the concept. A good definition of a mastermind group is this: it’s a group offering a support of peers who provide brainstorming, education, accountability and feedback – with a leader who has achieved a level of success – designed to sharpen business and personal skills of all involved.

This may draw members from a given geographic area or in some cases, members may travel to gather with the leader in his designated town or to a remote location. The structure usually begins with a morning launch over breakfast and light socializing to help get the creative juices flowing. It’s likely there is a related activity where a marketing video or topic is raised for discussion to help everyone become “present”.

Then, the group gets to work and goes UNTIL. Here’s the work.

Each participant is asked to prepare a 45-minute to one-hour presentation requesting help with his or her particular business. When it’s YOUR turn, it’s YOUR hour. You can spend the time any way you wish but those who gain the most value are those who are expecting to get answers to two or three things rather than a laundry list of items. A good formula is to prepare 10-15 minutes bringing the group up to speed on where you are in your business and then proceed with the balance of your session receiving help from the group.

The leader, or facilitator, does not necessarily answer the questions with his expertise but is knowledgeable about the individuals’ expertise—in the event that they aren’t offering it. The leader or facilitator then often adds his own two cents near the close of the session.

It’s not uncommon for those new to the mastermind concept to be overwhelmed with the feedback they receive. Ideas from a room full of business people with varied knowledge that is not biased can yield many, many solutions and even raise some new questions or issues.

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