Mining the Diamonds in Unconverted Leads (Part 2)

In our last post, we talked about the diamonds hiding in your law firm in the form of unconverted leads, and how law firms that stay in contact with these people find their business is growing. Let’s elaborate a little further on how you can keep working with these leads, in the hope of turning them into clients.

Obviously, you want to approach these leads in such a manner that they do not feel badgered or harassed, but rather helped and enriched. Strategies for accomplishing this goal might include special promotions, surveys, helpful articles that do not contain marketing, etc.

Regardless of the specific marketing campaigns you deem most helpful, I highly recommend three key strategies in maintaining contact with your unconverted leads:

  1. Do not rely on email alone. Emails too often get buried in the inbox, marked as spam or simply deleted.
  2. Utilize at least two forms of communication. Reaching out in different ways helps to keep you top-of-mind.
  3. Make sure one form of communication is outbound phone calls. Regardless of all the other tools we have in this digital age, the telephone still seems to be most effective, especially with law firms. Successful law firms use the phone. Unsuccessful ones do not.

Finally, as with everything else, you may have to learn by trial and error. Conduct A-B testing on different tactics until you find a combination that works. In the process, remember that just because a lead says no, that doesn’t automatically mean she doesn’t need your service.

Keep digging gracefully with your unconverted leads, and eventually, you’ll get to the diamonds.

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