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Business Development and Coaching for Attorneys Who Own A Small Law Firm.

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Our Proven System

If you’re like other attorneys, you’ve invested a ton of time, resources and cash into becoming a great attorney… BUT you’ve invested very little into learning how to run a successful small business.

The shocking fact is the vast majority of attorneys were not taught this essential skill!

The closing room

The Closing Room is a legal sales solution that helps law firms turn more leads into paying clients without needing to invest another nickel in marketing or advertising.

The staffing room

Whether you’ve lost some team members to the Great Resignation or your payroll’s going up because of inflation or you’d just like to spend less on labor, we’d love to help.

The Partners Club

In Addition To Providing Support, We’ve Specifically Designed This Program To Accelerate Your Success In Sales, Profits And Growth.

The Receivable Room

We take care of billing and collections for attorneys.

The Marketing Room

It will offer marketplace consulting and coaching services.

The intake room

The Intake Room will offer services to handle the intake process for attorneys after the client hires them.

If you’re looking to develop a law practice that supports your lifestyle rather than completely undermining it, call Richard James today.