Outbound calling tips for your staff

All successful bankruptcy attorneys use one form of communication more than any other, the good old-fashioned telephone.

When I built the bankruptcy law firm in Phoenix, my very first hire wasn’t a paralegal or an attorney or a receptionist. It was someone to use the phone for us. I looked for someone who wasn’t afraid to get on the phone 125 times a day and talk with prospects.

On his first day, I gave that hire books to read, websites to go to, videos to watch and phone calls to listen to. I explained to him what the vision of the firm was and why it was so important for him to do his job well. The person in his position alone would be responsible for talking to more people than anyone else at the firm. He was our first line of defense and in my opinion one of the most important positions in the entire firm.
It was his job to get on the phone and follow a few basic rules. If you are training your staff to do YOUR outbound calling, here are some tips to help you ramp them up:

Use the two ears and one mouth God gave you to listen twice as much as you talk.
Understand you have two goals: Build a relationship with the person on the other end of the phone AND Get the person to the next step, which is setting an appointment.
Never, EVER, give a price, price range or any idea of what it will or won’t cost to hire the firm.

Finding and hiring the right outbound call staff can be a challenge. If you would like help with your outbound calling, ABR now has a call center to call your unconverted leads. I can help you assess your practice’s needs. Give me a call today.

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