Ok, stay with me, but I’m about to make this personal

For far too long you’ve been thinking your decision to establish a professional service provider business was a mistake.  Your family never sees you, when they do you’re a cantankerous old fuddy-duddy who is no fun to be around.  If you go on vacation you come back with no tan and are more stressed because of the pile of work staring you in the face.  Did someone say ‘sharpen the saw’?  Your saw is so dull; you can’t see the teeth any longer. 

When most ‘civilians’ (my term of endearment for those who don’t own a business) look at you they believe you’re successful.  You drive a nice car, you live in a nice house, and your kids go to private school.  It appears as if you’ve ‘got it all’.  If they only knew…it doesn’t matter anyway, you’ll never tell them.  Whether it’s pride or the fact they would never understand, it’s a conversation you keep buried inside.

You’re done with clients.  You’ve come to cringe when you realize you have to meet with another new client this week.  The thought of telling your story one more time or worse listening to the same story one more time this week is enough to set you off.  You know you must do it, you’re the Rainmaker but when you think about it you wonder, “Will I be doing this the rest of my life?”

If one more staff member walks into your office uninvited and borrows your brain without first using their own, it will take an act of God to prevent the worse from happening.  Just approving payroll this week set you off.  Because no one understands what it takes to ensure the money is in the bank every two weeks so they can earn.  You know you can never say these things.  If you did, someone of importance might leave, and then you’d have more work trying to replace them.

The next time a marketing vendor walks in your office and tells you, ‘you only need to generate one client from this ad and it will pay for itself’, they’re liable to be tossed out on their rear.  The truth is, you’re in over your head with all the marketing you do.  You know there’s more to know, but you’re unsure where to learn it.  From what you can tell, most of the ‘gurus’ out there haven’t ever actually built a law firm or any other business for that matter so it’s tough to trust them.  You know for sure that 50% of your marketing is working; you just don’t know which 50%. 

The cold hard truth is, you realize most of this is your own fault.  You’ve allowed your business to control your personal life and your time. You let your staff manipulate you like kids playing their parents and you’ve never made marketing your focus simply because there’s no time left.  You’re willing to find a better way.  But what is it?  Who can I trust to deliver it?  And won’t they just let me down like everyone else has?

Let me be the first to welcome you.  You’ve arrived.  You’re among friends.  We’ve all been where you are.  I personally have experienced every emotion you felt while reading.  I know what it’s like to feel like I’m at the end of my rope.  No money solves it, not the cars, not the clothes, not even the vacations.  I felt like I was on a ride that I could simply not get off.  Then I found there’s a better way.  There’s a better way to manage your business, your staff, your marketing and your clients. And once I found it, I never let it go.

There’s not enough room here to tell you all about it.  You can watch a webinar and learn more about how to become free. Go to this link and register and you’ll be on your way towards gaining what you’ve always wanted, you’re freedom.

Building a better practice, one free life at a time…

Building Better Business Systems For Law Firm Owners