Quick and Dirty: 9 Steps to getting results fast

If you were dropped in a law firm that charged a flat fee for its services and a gun was put to your head with the direction to Getting Results Fast. What should you do?

  1. Raise prices and put in a process to maximize the payments for each case by using an outbound phone person to call all clients on payment plans proactively;
  2. Put someone, anyone on the phone calling all the unconverted leads (No Sets, No Shows, and No Hires), and get these prospects booked for an appointment
  3. Add a Shock and Awe Package to my marketing and send it in the mail to anyone who set an appointment.

What goes in the package?

Your letter.

Here is the deconstructed elements of what that letter should look like.

1. Official-looking letterhead. If you don’t have any, get someone to create it for you in Word.

2. Personalized information. Your letter should include a tagline and a statement speaking to what you do. Keep it simple.  Just tell the truth:

“Creating estate plans that work when you need them”

“Helping good people gain the fresh start they need with bankruptcy”

3. A tracking phone number.

4. Evidence of your credibility. Your book. A free report. An article written about you.

If you have none of those, use a key chain or a pen or a calculator and tell them why you sent it.  If you have nothing, just don’t say anything, send the envelope anyway.  You can always improve later.

5. Your signature in blue ink.  This way they know it’s not a form letter.  You don’t have to sign it, have someone sign on your behalf

8. Social proof is vital to them trusting you.  Be sure your testimonials have their first and last name and their city and state.  If you don’t have testimonials like that, use what you have, but let’s work to get the ones we need going forward.

9. Give directions to your office. Make the directions look detailed and professional. Use a map and directions right from Google from different parts of town.  (Be sure to either put all directions to all offices in one letter or you’ll need to merge the details into each before it is sent to the client).

And that’s all there is to it.

The most important thing to know is: Whatever you do, don’t delay.  Buy your envelopes (you can grab them from ULine. com and search for Glamour Bubble Mailers) stuff them with what you have and send them out in the mail pronto.
Then, watch your show rate and your hire rate increase.

For a deeper dive in getting results fast, email me at [email protected].

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