Richard James proven strategies have made a huge financial impact in my practice!

He was doing many of the right things, with Richard James, he checks them ALL off…

Jerome Teel from Tennessee is an 18-year attorney who knew he and his team were doing many of the right things. Jerome also knew there were still opportunities to improve, particularly in converting more of the leads to clients.

Jerome knew that when you have been at something for 18 years you sometimes can’t get a clear perspective on what is working or not working in your firm. For that reason, he decided to begin working with legal marketing expert, Richard James and he hasn’t been disappointed.

More Appointments Set, More Shows, More Hires!

Since working with Richard James, he learned an enormous amount about lead conversion. In that past, Jerome was like most attorneys – always looking for more leads. Richard challenged him to instead of focusing on just getting more leads, but learn the tactics to convert more of the leads he is already paying for, into paying clients.

“Everything I have learned from Richard about how to improve my appointment set rate, my show rate and my hire rate has made me money”.

This change in focus, along with a few proven strategies, made a huge impact on his practice.

According to Jerome, Richard is didn’t stop there. Next they attacked his website.

“He made my website work harder for me!”

Richard reviewed his website looking at conversion elements and Jerome said it was a real education. Richard pointed out a list of ways he could use the same elements he currently had on his site, just tightening them up to work better and elicit more actions from the website’s visitors.

With his feedback, Jerome was able to make changes to the site that made it work harder for him. What was most important to Jerome was that Richard taught him that marketing is a moving target.

Marketing is about tracking performance

He instructed him that a marketing cannot be just a “set it and forget it” activity. It must be a series of trial and error processes, tracking & tweaking campaigns, to be sure the firm would always have a steady stream of leads flowing in.

“Richard James is helping my firm become the firm of my dreams!

Jerome’s firm was doing enough of the right things to continue moving forward. Yet, learning from Richard James’ teachings, Jerome and his firm is finding out how to tweak what he already was doing correctly and to make changes to be sure he was optimizing tools for the best conversion rates possible.

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