Business Systems: When the student is ready…

…the teacher appears.

Sure, when you are in business, you put the promotional information out there to attract new leads, and you call and follow up with all prospects. Eventually, you are hired by whoever acknowledges that you can help them and who ultimately agrees to pay your price. Yet, the clients who arrive on my doorstep when they are TRULY READY to take action are my best clients.

My driving passion is to find people who really want to take action. When an attorney hires me that really isn’t ready, he or she gets frustrated, and I get frustrated. Similarly, when attorneys that are NOT entrepreneurial hire me, I find they typically aren’t in the right space to follow my coaching.

There’s a synergy that occurs when entrepreneurial attorneys connect with me and my coaching. One, they can feel the chemistry and two, they are hungry to get started. We just don’t feel as alone when we are among like-minded people. The other day, I was interviewed by the Lawpreneur Radio Show, and I explained that when the show’s audience—entrepreneurial attorneys– work with me, they just “get it.”.

We entrepreneurs often feel alone at family gatherings and parties because there just aren’t many of us entrepreneurial thinkers out there. Things just work better when you are among similar thinkers. Perhaps this is one explanation for the success the majority of my clients’ experience.

Reflecting on my business career and the clients I aimed to help during my Lawpreneur interview, I identified one of my biggest failures as having confused activity with accomplishment. When I was in the pet supply business, there were so many moving parts there, I confused being busy with actually succeeding. I was running around spinning plates and eventually, the plates just fell.

I was able to apply what I learned and am today, because I was able to learn from my past challenges, and now I am able to help my clients get past this same dilemma.

Systems are the way I help them. Law firms need multiple connection points. If one falls off, there are multiple points remaining to save the process. When we have put multiple systems in place in our business, and one fails, the others will continue to hold you up and support the firm. Those firms without any systems are a challenge because it is so difficult to know where to start. I teach my clients that if you don’t have enough time to get it all done, the answer is to identify the big rock systems and get them done first. The remaining systems will naturally form tiers down from those critical systems.

If you are wondering how systems can help your firm, take my law firm analysis here. You can learn how your firm measures up when it comes to best practices and systems.

Building Better Business Systems For Law Firm Owners