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If the term “outbound calling” is foreign to you. It’s time to pay attention to these pearls of wisdom that I am about to share with you.

Are you ready?
Firms who grow consistently and quickly have an outbound calling plan.
There, I said it.

If you have worked at all with Richard James, then you likely have already heard the mantra of we must communicate with our prospects until they buy, die or unsubscribe.

Did you know one firm Rich worked with was able to increase revenue in one year by more than $100,000 simply by converting the leads that upon the first go around didn’t show or buy? It’s true.

Outbound calling is one of the tools you have in your toolbox toward gaining the business from a higher ratio of prospects.

Who wouldn’t want to increase the company’s bottom line of profitability?
It doesn’t really matter what size firm you have. It’s a scalable commodity. For example, if your firm is small and your staff consists of you and one or two others, the duties may be split among your staff. If you have a larger firm with a significant number of leads and prospects, you may wish to consider your own phone room.
Outbound calls include reminder calls to prospects who have set appointments, follow up calls to prospects who show up but do not buy and rescheduling calls to those who do not show up or cancel and have not immediately rescheduled.
Naturally, if you have dedicated staff, outbound calls will also include collections. So many accounts receivable may be captured easier and more consistently when someone is regularly calling to remind them of missed payments etc.
Infusionsoft is another tool in your toolbox. Your Infusionsoft system tracks and reports on all of these prospects. You are able to determine the outcomes of these clients and generate reports that may serve as call lists for your staff.

If you are need help creating this system in your firm, regardless what size or practice area, I can help. Email Chris at [email protected] and ask for your free Personalized Practice Growth Plan. We’ll discuss YOUR firm and how systems and outbound calling can help you take speedier steps toward becoming the autonomous attorney.

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