Are you sitting on a gold mine?

Before I get started working with a new client, there’s one exercise I make sure I do with them.

I tell them: We must perform an exercise. I need you to take a vow. You know, the kind where you put your left hand on a Bible and the right hand in the air. Please recite this statement:

My business is not different from yours.

So many attorneys I work with get this wrong. They believe that because of their location, their practice area, their client base, their staff, the color of their skin or the language they speak their practice is different from others I’ve worked with.

Hogwash. I’ve proven too many times that all businesses are the same at their core when it comes to making the phone ring and turning those phone calls into clients.

Every company needs to attract prospects by developing a marketing plan that maximizes the return for every dollar invested. Those marketing, lead generation and lead conversion efforts must make prospects raise their hands, whether they do so by calling, walking into your office (yes, it does still happen), sending a letter by snail mail or carrier pigeon, writing an e-mail, or talking to someone via an online chat feature.

The company then has to convert those prospects to appointments.
From there we have to convince the prospects that it’s in their best interest to actually show up to the office.

Once they arrive to the office, the business must do its best to convince the potential clients that the business is the solution to their current conundrum.

Once the clients hire the firm, we have to serve them so well that they are willing to tell friends, relatives and business associates who are going through similar problems that they, too, should call the firm.

Along the way the practice must charge enough to have profit available to continually serve the clients better, market the firm and provide the owner with a strong cash flow to enjoy the freedom that only a solid business can provide.

Have you taken the oath in YOUR business?

It will set you free and open your mind to new ways of running your practice. Take the oath today!

Changing mindsets, one oath at a time!

Building Better Business Systems For Law Firm Owners