We Help Law Firm Owners Convert More Leads Into Paying Clients

Without spending another nickel on marketing or advertising.


We Are a Legal Sales Company Helping

Law Firms Close More Deals In Their Consultation Room Without Spending Another Nickel on Marketing or Advertising

Meet MPS - The Founder

Click the video to learn more about MPS & his journey to becoming a Legal Sales Expert that has helped law firm owners add $6.5M+ in additional revenue in under 2 years.

What Is The Closing Room?

The Closing Room is a legal sales solution that helps law firms turn more leads into paying clients without needing to invest another nickel in marketing or advertising.

What Makes The Closing Room Different From Every Other Industry Sales Trainers

The Closing Room takes a radically different approach to sales training and fundamentally disagrees with all other industry sales trainers as explained in the video. 

How To Identify If You Have A Sales Optimization Opportunity

Discover if your law firm is closing at the rate it needs be via the ranges provided in the video. If not, you have an opportunity.



Helping You Achieve

Increasing Your Hire Rate

Ever felt like you should be getting more clients? How about thinking you need more leads to continue trying to grow the number of clients you generated? What if I said you could instantly generate new clients without needing to spend a nickel on lead generation?

Collecting More Money During The Initial Consult

Do you ever find yourself saying you got a new hire without money actually being transacted? As the saying goes, a deal is not a deal until the money is collected. Our program is built to get you more hires and collect more money in the consult room.

Increasing Your PIF Cases

Ever find yourself struggling to collect on the payment plans you set up for your clients? One of the quickest ways to fix this is to increase the amount of PIF (Paid-in-Full) cases you close IN the consult room, something our program strongly believes and teaches.

Successfully Replacing Yourself with a Salesperson

Ever imagined what life would be like if YOU weren’t responsible for running consultations anymore and the sales side of your firm was consistently producing you results? Pretty nice, right? Join the many other business owners that used our program to do just that

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The #1 DFY Sales Training Program For Law Firm Owners

The Closing Room is a sales training company that believes there is one RIGHT way to do sales and that is using the same structure on every consultation, every single time. We believe by doing so, you’ll be able to achieve predictable and consistent results in the consultation room.