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Build a very successful law practice: one that supports your lifestyle not undermines it.

Schedule your NO-fee, NO-obligation breakthrough call with one of our Law Firm Analysts to map out a game plan to build a more successful law firm, avoiding ALL the potential pitfalls along the way, and generating a TON more in profits that will enable you to achieve personal and financial freedom!


Are you underpaid and making only about Half the income you intended, expected and deserve?

If so, what are you doing to change that? What evidence do you have that this will be different in 6, 12, 24 months?


Is your practice working for you only half the time – with you working for it half the time?

If so, what are you doing to change that? What evidence do you have that this will be different in 6, 12, 24 months?


Are you living only about HALF the life you intended? – forever pushing goal-posts, apologizing to your spouse and family, postponing or “shorting” vacations, STILL worried about client flow and income?

 If so, what are you doing about that? What evidence do you have that this will be different in 6, 12, 24 months?




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You can trust Richard James. He will tell you the truth about your firm. ‘BEFORE RICHARD’, my law practice was frankly in chaos. After 20 years, I was working harder and harder – and getting less and less. I was confused, unhappy with practice, even, often, secretly miserable. ‘SINCE RICHARD’, I’m certainly busy, but I am more in control, happier, and getting much better results from my efforts – in fact, after just 24 months, we are attracting more clients, serving more people, enjoying a better income, and I’m actually ‘whistling on my way to work’.


If you’re like other attorneys, you’ve invested a ton of time, resources and cash into becoming a great attorney… BUT you’ve invested very little into learning how to run a successful small business.

The shocking fact is the vast majority of attorneys were not taught this essential skill!

Here’s where Partners Club comes in… We fill in all those missing gaps of critical information so you can learn how to become an expert small business owner… just like you’re an expert at practicing law.

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Our program shows you how to become a more successful and smarter small business owner… so you can enjoy increased income, freedom, and more time to spend on those things that really matter in life.

Take the first step – schedule your breakthrough session now.


Is “The One Thing” perpetually frustrating or disappointing you about your practice fixable and changeable – or is it “just the way it has to be”?

How does your Perfect Client Lifecycle (PCLC) compare to the best small firms?…to average small firms?….and how much could you reasonably expect it to improve in 6, 12, 18 and 24 months with our Systems? (If you aren’t familiar with “PCLC”, you should be! – your profitability depends on it.)
From in-depth research: how does YOUR firm stack up and compare to your peers in FOUR key “drivers” of success?

What steps would be involved, starting where you are, to progress to and achieve agreed on goals for better PCLC, net income, reduced stress and less income uncertainty…? This is important: there is no one-size-fits-all approach that works. We have to start where YOU are.

How DISRUPTIVE will the needed changes and improvements be? How much TIME FROM YOU will be required? These are relevant questions! You have to weigh rewards against time costs, rewards against pain of change, and short-term discomfort against long-term and permanent transformation.

How can you KNOW FOR SURE that, if following the customized plan and implementing the Systems, you will get the forecasted results? There’s a TV ad running right now that says “When you die, will you go to Heaven? You can know for sure” – and it directs you to a web site. As a man of faith, I’m suspicious of there being a web site with that answer! But I can assure you, we KNOW with near 100% certainty that you and our team and our community as “partners” can achieve your goals – or we politely decline accepting you. Further, you’ll get HARD FACTS AND EVIDENCE supporting such certainty.

In dollars, what can you expect YOUR return-on-investment to be, from being a Member of our group and utilizing our Systems?

Exactly how can the logically necessary “learning curve” be legitimately short-cut for our Systems? – there are three ways this is done.

Is it possible for you to put in LESS time and still achieve growth goals or the same or better income? Could you, for example, work only Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, NOT have everything falling apart, and earn as much or more than you do now – within as little as 12 to 30 months?

We will “talk through” YOUR numbers, from the ROADMAP-TO-FREEDOM ANALYSIS you fill out in advance…….diagnose, analyze and define opportunities based on data from our intimate work with over 900 law firms. This is NOT a “vague” discussion.

Get a full Briefing on how our entire Process and how our Collaborative Group works, so you can make an informed decision about the appropriateness of participating, at this time in your life. THERE IS NO “PRESSURE”. And keep in mind, we are evaluating you just as you’ll be evaluating us! This is about a working relationship, not a “hit and run” sale. We have a 90%+ Success Rate with our Members who implement our Systems and fully participate in Partners Club, and, to protect that, we have to be careful about who we accept into the Program and the Group.

** IMPORTANT: Your Breakthrough Call is completely CONFIDENTIAL.


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My cash was gone, and I was falling into debt and despair. Within a few years, I had completely paid off my unsecured business debt, paid off my student loan debt, and I had a month’s worth of expenses saved in the bank. I had a ton of data on what worked and what didn’t, I had the experience to interpret the data, and I was ready for the next level. Then COVID hit… I did what I do best; I started looking for things I could do for little to no money to seize the opportunities hidden in the chaos, and it worked. While other attorneys in my community lost ground, I gained. While they struggled, I prospered, and in 2020, I increased our net incomes by 1,078%.
Attorney in Missouri
We overcame a failed partnership, faced brain cancer, started a new firm – and we are now the largest filer in Charlottesville and 3rd largest in Lynchburg, and we are debt-free! By the grace of God and family and friends, Fran survived brain cancer and surgery. By the completeness and certainty of Richard’s Systems, and Richard James’ personal compassion and generosity, we fast-tracked practice success. Now we are able to be of greater help to our church and community as well as our family, and by being in Partners Club, give guidance and support to our peers.
Attorneys in Virginia
From the first moment of my first Partners Club meeting, I felt very welcome – I thought: FINALLY….THIS IS THE SUPPORT I’VE ALWAYSWANTED. We were in a safe space, sharing our experiences, our questions, even our doubts and skepticisms. And everybody was actually implementing and getting results. As an example, we increased our business from client referrals by $207,000.00 year over year in 2019. We moved up to be the #1 filer, filing 2.75-times more than #2. But get this, I have more freedom than ever, for family, friends and myself. I’ve even been in the gym 3 nights a week and I’ve lost 35 pounds and feel great! This is thanks to Richard’s deep reservoir of know-how from experience and to his comprehensive, fail-safe Systems BUT ALSO THANKS TO THE GROUP and its support.
Attorney in Pennsylvania


In one confidential call, in the privacy of your office or home, you will have an objective assessment of your appropriateness for the Program and the Group, your forecast results, and of all the details, every question answered….taking just 59 minutes out of your entire career….a tiny investment of time.

Also, on this Call, you will discover THE #1 LEVER OF POWER” that affects the most positive change in a law firm, the fastest, that you will probably want to focus on.

I WILL EVEN PERSONALLY GUARANTEE THE BREAKTHROUGH CALL ITSELF. How is that possible? Because there is value to you from the Call itself, even if either you or we decide a relationship isn’t appropriate – so, if you honestly feel we wasted your time, just say so and I’ll donate $350.00 to St. Jude Children’s Hospital in your name.


Richard James

Richard James, Founder and President of Your Practice Mastered has earned a reputation as a national “Legal Systems Expert.” His success ingredient is simple: systems.

Richard knows how to build a small law firm because he actually did it. Beginning with virtually nothing but two men in a room literally sharing a desk, Richard grew a Phoenix law firm to surpass $3.5 million in sales in just over two years!

Today, Richard runs the Partners Club Program and has served over 900 owners of small and solo law firms to build systems that support their dreams and aspirations rather than undermine their lifestyle.

Richard believes that systems should run your law firm and people should run your systems.