Are you one step from moving a couch into your office?

Have you spent so much time in the office that your family is wondering when you’ll be putting a couch in?

I’ve been there.
Working till 2 or 3 in the morning just to keep up;
Sacrificing more vacations, anniversaries and birthdays than I care to remember;
Cringing when my kids tugged on my shirt tail to go on the school field trip, and I had to say “No” again;
And all this in the name of building my business? Really?

Look, you and I both know that there’s a better way hidden, but how do you uncover it?

Finding the time to devote to discovering the secrets of running a successful law firm is nearly impossible. Yet, if you don’t find the time you’re doomed to sleeping on the couch.

I compare it to a teenager who can’t get a car because they don’t have a job and can’t get a job because they don’t have a car.

It occurs to me that you have three choices:

  1. Do nothing and expect different results, insanity!
  2. Do what you can with the time you have, it will feel like you’re a locomotive in a swamp.
  3. Take a short cut and talk to someone who’s already unlocked the secrets, bingo!

I know how to build a practice that supports your life style rather than undermining it. So, if you’d like to join attorneys like Scott David Stewart, Maria Jones and Jamie Miller who have all doubled their business and gotten their lives back; grab a free copy of my shook (short book) The DNA of The Autonomous Attorney today. In this book, I cover the systems you need to create the law firm of your dreams.

There’s no catch, there’s no gimmick and yes, I’m giving you a copy at no cost.

Why would I do such a thing? Well, first, to provide value. And second, to allow you to get to know who I am and what I teach attorneys just like you.

Right now you don’t know me from Adam’s house cat. But, once you read my book, if you think what I teach makes sense, then we can decide to take the next step, together.

My guiding passion is to work with as many like-minded entrepreneurial attorneys who want to take action on the principles I teach in order to get real measurable results. If that sounds like you, get your copy today.

This book isn’t for you if:

On the other hand, if you’re ready to take action and learn what it takes to build the practice you’ve always dreamed of, don’t buy that couch just yet. A better idea is to grab a copy of my book. You’ll be happy you did.

Building you a better practice, one system at a time.

Best regards,

Richard James