Three ways to choose the right people for the right jobs

“I used to think life could be shared by anyone but now I know choosing the right people is pretty important.”

– Bob Goff

The founder of Restore International, Bob Goff shares leadership in the Washington Law Firm Goff & Dewalt. He says in his book Love Does the importance of choosing the right people for the right jobs, regardless of what he is doing, and I couldn’t agree more.

It can be tempting to hurry through the hiring process at times when there is a critical vacancy or when new business has pushed you and your current staff to your limits. The pain you will experience by skipping a mindful process can move from a little headache to a systemic problem that weighs everyone down.

Here are three minimum practices that can help you be sure you are choosing the right people and placing them into the roles in your firm.

  1. Figure out the core competencies for each position. If detail is the most important for a position in the application process, sneak a test of detail in to measure it. If friendliness is most important, build a way to measure how your candidate connects when it counts.
  2. Be fair but firm and insist your candidates jump through hoops. The more critical the position to your firm’s success, the more hoops with the most key checkpoints should be included.
  3. Expose your top candidates to your team. Your key players will likely be working with the new hires far more than you will. Allow them to review them, invite their feedback and listen closely.

Building these practices of choosing the right people into your hiring process will help minimize the missteps in hiring your greatest resources: Your Team.

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