Three Ways to Use Direct Mail as a Pattern Interrupt to the Electronic Age

It takes no more than a mere walk into any restaurant to see the effect of the electronic age on all of us. Every booth or table will undoubtedly reflect at least one or more of the guests head bent, hand up near face with one thumb skipping along the screen of a smart phone.

But is there still value in using the old US Mail to make an impression on your leads or clients?

A resounding YES!

Direct mail is still in use today in many industries—fundraising, dentistry, and restaurants, just to name a few. The reason why direct mail is still being used is that IT STILL WORKS! And there are several ways to use it.

First, it is a reminder to the leads who have set an appointment. I always suggest reminders as often and in as many ways possible. Naturally, this is done with email and even text messaging. If you have an automated system, reminding them this way is simple! This is especially true when the appointments are scheduled as soon as possible — within a day or two if your appointment setters can get them in that quickly. However, for those occasions when the appointment is scheduled three, four or more days ahead, a direct mail reminder is especially compelling. They have something to post on their refrigerator or bulletin board, keeping the information right in the forefront of their thinking.

Believe it or not, there are still people who do not use email or do not have cell phones, older folks in many cases. A direct mail reminder will be appreciated and taken very seriously by these prospects.

Another means of using Direct Mail is to joggle the memory of your happy clients, gently reminding them to refer your firm to their family, friends or neighbors. This reminder is a key phrase that should appear on your newsletter, your signature on your email and anywhere else you can slip it to remind those that you have helped that a referral is the greatest compliment.

Lastly, there is the Shock and Awe package. When you want to really make an impression, you can use direct mail to WOW prospects with a lumpy, fat package of information. Include your brochure, your book. A tchotchke item such as a calendar or a tip calculator card, also will help these leads that have reached out to you to remember you.

As our world turns more and more to technology, remember to keep veteran practices such as US Mail a part of your marketing arsenal.

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