Balls, Chains, Time Suck and Business Strategy

Are you a multi-tasker? Most business owners are. I find I am typically juggling a few different projects at the same time. One thing is not missed during this circus and that’s protecting my time which is why on a recent vacation, I chose to unplug.

This little revealing exercise was very interesting in that it turned the mirror on a dark side of my world: I had become totally addicted to the world’s worst time suck—my phone. Additionally, afterwards, my niece sent me a story she had written for her school newspaper about my experiment. I thought it really captured how I felt and gave insight into the future for youth who have already fallen into the tethered abyss.

Read her story here.

When you’ve read it, ask yourself. Is this the road you are on? If it is, take some time to think about how you can best spend your time and what tethers you can break or at least become more strategic. Our cell phones have become tools for business and deciding how to manage your business strategy with it is necessary to keep it working without consuming your life.


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