TRUST. It’s what brings ’em back

Why don’t more of your customers or prospects buy from you? If your answer is “because of price,” you’re probably wrong. I coach a lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners, and when our discussion turns to reasons for not buying, invariably the excuse is price. “My customers don’t say ‘yes’ more often because of price.”

In reality, customers don’t say “yes” more often because of skepticism, or lack of trust or perceived value. It’s what Zig Ziglar emphasizes as one of the five obstacles to a sale: no trust.

Lack of trust is probably the biggest obstacle between your company and a sale. It’s rarely price. The reason more of your customers or prospects don’t buy from you is that you haven’t done enough to build your customers’ trust in your products or services.

Action Steps:
What can you do consistently to build your current customers’ trust in you, your products and your services?

What can you do TODAY to begin this trust-building endeavor?

What do the vendors or service professionals YOU use in your day-to-day life do to make you buy more, trust them more and refer them more?

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