Twelve steps toward writing your lead generating book

Our clients usually agree that writing a book creates celebrity, opens doors and gives you a great lead-generating tool as well. The problem is, they also believe this is a far greater and more complicated process than it really is.

Here is a simple twelve-step guideline that can help you get on the right path toward writing your book.

  1. Create title – Go to and review other titles.
  2. Write different titles on index cards, put them on your office wall, add another  with each new idea and ask yourself this question: “if this title were to stand alone in a classified ad, would it interest me enough to buy the book?”
  3. Purchase tracking number for the book.
  4. Obtain testimonials.
  5. Create cover – Use or
  6. Write call to action. (Your editor doesn’t know what you mean here. You might clarify further.)
  7. Identify the marketing funnels where book will be used.
  8. Be sure to place your phone number and website on cover – Be sure it’s a tracking line.
  9. Add a preface and include origin story and your ‘why’.
  10. Be sure to have book formatted.
  11. Create the book on
  12. Print your creation!

Still reluctant about writing your book?

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