Unconverted Leads: Perfecting Your Law Firm’s Mining Process

Errors using inadequate data are much less
than those using no data at all.
Charles Babbage

In the last three posts, we’ve used the analogy of diamonds in the rough to describe your law firm’s unconverted leads, and we’ve encouraged you not to ignore these diamonds, as they have the potential to make you rich. So once you’ve decided to mine these diamonds, how do you do so as efficiently as possible?

In any mining industry, whether for diamonds, gold, silver or coal, one does not simply start digging at random. Every successful mine has a process in place to streamline the effort. The same holds true with your law firm; you need a workable process by which you harvest, track and “polish” your unconverted leads. This process may look different for each firm, but I generally recommend your process have three components: Collecting data, compiling data and automating.

Collecting Data

From the moment a lead comes into your office, whether by phone, email, website or in person, you should be gathering information about that lead. Where did the lead come from? What happened during the conversation? Did the lead take the next step? Your databases should be filled with information about every contact you make, not just those who become your clients.

Compiling Data

Once you have detailed information about each lead, what will you do with it? All this data needs to be compiled into readable, actionable reports that allow you to measure your progress with your leads: The data should allow you to see which of your strategies are working and which of them need to change.


While you need data about your unconverted leads, you don’t want tracking the data to be your full-time job. Putting an automated system in place will allow you to “set it and forget it”—the goal being to simply access the information you need whenever you need it.

If your law firm needs help setting up a workable system for processing unconverted leads, my company can help. Give us a call at 888-207-2869 for more information.

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