Ways to Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader in the Legal Community

Have you ever wondered why some legal minds seem to have more clout with the public than others? Have you ever felt yourself getting annoyed at or jealous of some other attorney being viewed as a thought leader in your field when you feel you’re actually more qualified?

I’m about to let you in on a little secret. Being viewed as a legal authority has very little to do with how much education or training you have, or even how much experience you have in the field. It has more to do with public perception—positioning yourself as a thought leader. That’s why someone less skilled than you can hold more sway, get more attention and even charge more money than you do.

Here’s the good news: There’s nothing actually stopping you from establishing yourself as a thought leader in the legal community. Let’s look at some ways you can do just that.


Write a Blog

The principle is simple: If you want to be seen as a thought leader, start sharing your thoughts. When you blog about legal topics you’re passionate about, and when you provide readers with legitimately helpful information on those topics, people will eventually start looking to you to provide that information.


Engage People Online

Social media is a breeding ground for building authority—that’s why they call them “influencers.” Granted, Facebook and Instagram might not be the best platforms for discussions about law—but other platforms like Quora, Avvo and LinkedIn can be very useful to build clout, especially when you answer questions people are asking online.


Conduct Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Do you have useful legal information that potential clients or other attorneys could benefit from? Make that information available by conducting seminars or getting booked as a guest speaker. When you’re the person up there doing the lecture, you’re automatically seen as an authority.


Write a Book

Not only does writing a book instantly put you at a high level of perceived authority in the legal community—it also serves as an incredible marketing tool, one that you can use to gain more visibility, get more clients, and charge those clients more for your services.

All of these strategies flow from the same basic principle: To establish yourself as a thought leader, begin leading by sharing those thoughts. You have something significant to add to the conversation. Find the right platforms to do so, and people will take notice.

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