What does it mean to be considered an expert?

Many of you may be thinking of the classical definition of being an expert.  How much experience you have, degrees you have earned and other credentials.  While you might be right, it’s not what I meant.

What I mean specifically, is what does it mean to you and your business to be considered an expert?

My experience has shown being considered an expert in your field equals more money in your pocket.

Yes, I know that sounds rudimentary but allow me unpack this for you.

Being considered an expert more often than not comes from credibility.  And credibility is something that you cannot earn on your own; it must be given to you.  So, when you earn a degree, the degree gives you credibility, after you’ve been working in a certain profession for a number of years, the time you have served gives you credibility, when you serve a client well, the client testimonial gives you credibility.

However, the only manner I which these items become credible is if your target market actually knows they exist.  This is why you see professionals listing cumulative years of service, degrees, letters behind their name and testimonials on their marketing material.  All of these give the owner credibility and ultimately position them as an expert.  The problem is, everyone is doing this today.  People have become numb to your years of service, degrees, and to a certain extent, client testimonials.

But, there’s good news.  There is a way to establish you as an expert and stand out from the crowd.  The answer, write a book.  Yes, writing a book allows you to be positioned as an expert and stand out from your competition.

When you look at a Thesaurus the word authority is offered as a replacement for expert.  The root word of authority is author.  Being an author is a natural step ladder to being considered an expert.

When we started to build a Phoenix bankruptcy firm, many people thought we were crazy.  The market was extremely crowded the market was in a decline and seemed to be getting worse every day.  But we knew we had something that they didn’t.  From day 1, we had a book and we used this book to create an expert celebrity status for the owner and guess what, it worked.

Now, how does all this mean more money in your pocket?  Well, if you do nothing else but let your target market know you are an author you’ll stand out from your competitors.  When you start thinking of ways you can let your target market know you’re an author you’ll most likely break them down into 3 categories.

  1. Acquiring more leads
  2. Setting more appointments
  3. Obtaining more clients

In each category there are ways to use a book to increase this number.  My challenge to you is, think about it.


How can a book help you in the above 3 categories?

How much more money would you make if you were able to have 5 more people show up to appointments every week or if you acquired 2 more clients every week?

When you start to do the math, you can see that having a book is a wise investment.  And truth be told, it’s not as hard to accomplish as you think.  We teach our students how to write a book in a week.  If you’re interested in learning more, go to www.YourPracticeMastered.com

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