What is your WOW moment for your clients?

The days of simply being good at what you do in order to create a lasting experience are gone.  Being good at what you do has become an entry point.  If you typically sell ‘swamp juice in a perfume bottle’ you won’t be in business for long, especially if you’re good at marketing.  However, being good at what you do is not enough, not any longer.

Today, your competitors are thinking of new and inventive ways to Wow their clients.  And if you’re not diligent, your clients will become their clients too.

Let’s examine this concept of Wowing the client.  What exactly do I mean?  Well, in order to Wow our clients we must pay attention for opportunities to do so.  I submit that you should look for these opportunities at every contact point you have with a client.  Let’s look at a few examples.  When the client first calls your office (they are technically a prospect), does your staff actually listen to them?  Do they follow the golden rule that God gave them two ears and one mouth for a reason or are they in a hurry to get to the next call or back to the task that the phone just interrupted?  The fact is, most people today are simply too busy to actually listen to anyone.  That means when your client calls for the first time and your staff actually listens and asks probing questions to keep them talking, you know, acts as if they care, you WILL create a Wow experience simply because people aren’t used to being listened to any more.

Let me give you an example of what happened to me, just this morning.  My wife brought me an envelope from BMW.  We’ve been BMW owners for a number of years mainly because we get to act like teenagers whenever we drive them and we still feel safe.  Another reason is because they’ve done an excellent job of creating a Wow experience.  Every service visit we receive a courtesy car to use. Then, when we pick up our vehicle it’s washed, vacuumed and feels better than we left it.  But occasionally, about three times a year, we get a surprise in the mail.  Just like today.  You’ll notice from the picture that BMW sent us an original artist rendition of my wife’s coupe with a nice letter reminding us of why we buy from BMW.  This picture will be framed and put in the office and we’ll remember it the next time we go to purchase a car.  I often think about owning a different brand of car but it’s moments like this morning that will guarantee we’ll be BMW owners again.

What are you doing to ensure that the next time your client needs the services you offer, they’ll call you?  What are you doing to Wow the client so they tell their friends and relatives about what you did.  Yes, some of you will say, well that’s good for BMW but ‘my business is different’.  Phooey.  You’d be wrong and one day you’ll awaken to find your clients have changed brands.  For those of you who are willing to be different than the norm, you’ll be rewarded with loyalty that will be difficult to be broken.

Building a better business, one Wow! experience at a time.

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