What type of law firm owner are you?


What level law firm owner are you?

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Instructions For Use:
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2. Use the scale below and select the number next to each statement that best describes how that statement defines you, as the owner of your law firm.

1 - Strongly Disagree

2 - Disagree

3 - Neutral

4 - Agree

5 - Strongly Agree


Level 1 Attorney :

I find my income can be volatile. The more work I have to do for clients, the less time I have to meet with new potential clients.

I personally meet with every prospective new client.

I have to make calls to new potential clients in between client work or after it is finished.

I believe keeping my firm small will ensure we can control the quality of service we provide to our clients. I dislike the idea of becoming  a "mill."

A high percentage of my time is spent ensuring our firm's legal processes and practices are executed.

I have an accountant, but I rarely see my profit and loss statement and struggle to interpret what it means.

My income is directly tied to my ability to do the work.

I manage nearly every task of the business.

I don't know the numbers that run my law firm. Since it's only me, I don't have any KPI's and honestly I would prefer not to deal with math.

I don't see the point in spending money on advertising. I'm proud of the fact that most of our leads come from referrals.

Level 2 Manager :

I have a team but I don't completely trust my team to manage the business without me. It feels like if it's going to get done right, it has to be done by me.

In addition to managing my team, I also am managing legal work and or meeting with new potential clients.

Too many of my team members report directly to me.

I rely on my vendors to provide me feedback on how well my marketing is performing.

Resolving conflicts and ensuring smooth team communication take a considerable amount of my time.

I'm often the bottleneck on our team, oftentimes working as an attorney to help the team.

I find myself working in the business during the day and on the business at night or on the weekends.

While the business is growing, my income isn't growing with it.

We have data to tell us how our marketing and work flow are performing but I don't trust the data is accurate and I'm unsure how to interpret it.

I'm constantly being pulled in several different directions every day. Often, when the day is finished, I know I did a lot, but I can't quantify what I accomplished.

Level 3 CEO : 

I completely trust my team to operate the firm without my presence.

While my marketing team is responsible for the daily activities required to generate leads and I am an active participant in the marketing vision.

We trust our data because we have ways to validate that its accurate, and we base our marketing, sales, and operations decisions on that data.

I have regular meetings with my managers to ensure the KPI's and objectives according to our vision is being met.

I invest time building strategic partnerships in the communities we serve.

My accounting department ensures I have access to up-to-date information weekly regarding the profitability and cashflow of the company.

Future cash flow is a vital statistic I use to forecast the growth of the company's vision.

I have a team in place I can trust to implement the tasks generated from my vision.

Driving innovation and ensuring our firm remains competitive in the market is a priority.

I only work as an attorney with the firm if I need to scratch that itch or to test a new procedure we've developed.


I sleep until I wake, with no alarm clock. My mornings are my own.

I meet with the CEO of my law firm weekly to review sales and client satisfaction and review progress towards goals.

My "C" level team members run my law firm. I am completely free from running the firm on a day to day basis.

I invest time in work that fulfills me, whether charity or my hobbies.

A decent amount of my time each week is managing my investments.

I travel at will, first class.

I still very much enjoy business, and I'm constantly researching ideas to improve marketing and customer service.

I'm constantly on the lookout for good talent to recruit.

Tax liability reduction requires an inordinate amount of my time.

My spouse, my kids, my grandkids and other important family members have more direct access to me than ever before.