When planning TV and radio segments, why YOU and not your staff?

When planning your segments for TV or radio, our goal is to create celebrity status for you. There can only be ONE celebrity. This is challenging with partners. Certainly there are egos involved. If you have a partner, you must choose one of you to be the brand. I recommend it’s you and here’s why.

Why you? It may be because the area you work requires that you don’t use non-licensed individuals. I don’t want you to use spokespeople; I want you to see and use you.

The reason it is important that we use you is because we’re creating you as the celebrity; not your partner. If we create your partner or your staff as the celebrity it can become problematic. What if they leave, you fire them, or they die? Now you have created a celebrity brand you no longer use. No matter how shy you may be or no matter how bad you think you’ll be on TV, you need to overcome this fear for the sake of your business and marketing efforts. The other day, I had a client ask: “Can it be my wife? Can she be that celebrity? I don’t like doing TV or radio.” Sure, but I have my consulting hat on now when I say you are still the better choice. God forbid you should ever get divorced. If that happens, you no longer have your celebrity status and you’ll have to rebuild your brand all over again. That person, whoever is the celebrity also owns the brand. If a separation ever occurs, they will have much more leverage than you. If there are two licensed professionals in a practice, who are married, and you are going to have one or the other spouse brand themselves, you better be very secure in your relationship.

Brand yourself! You can rely on YOU!

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