Wisconsin Bankruptcy Attorney Jamie Miller exceeds revenue goals 3 Years In A Row!

…as national bankruptcy filings plummet

Each year, Wisconsin bankruptcy attorney Jamie Miller has experienced more success than the previous year in his firm. In fact, last year, his marketing broke every record his firm has ever set.

Jamie gives a huge credit to that success to legal marketing expert Richard James for helping him to achieve the results he has.

“Rich put rocket fuel into my business!”

In the span of just under three years, Miller & Miller Law went from gaining 10 leads for each TV commercial they ran to 122 leads following Richard James’s exclusive formula.

But it is not just getting more leads that matters. It is what you do with those leads once they call your office.

What Jamie and his law firm DID with the leads also changed dramatically.

Prior to working with Rich, Jamie explains that his law firm did not have a clear process of exactly how to speak to the leads when they called the office.

“Rich’s Advice Gets Results”

“The bottom line is, Richard’s advice gets results. He knows how to make the phone ring and convert those phone calls into appointments. Soon, our phone staff was building relationships with leads with the scripts and systems Rich helped me put into place.”

Besides learning how to make the phone ring consistently, Jamie and his team learned one more valuable strategy: working his unconverted leads.

“I Discovered Endless Results!”

“I discovered endless results from places I basically ignored before working with Rich.”

Today, Jamie’s firm follows up with every single lead who calls but doesn’t set an appointment, sets an appointment but doesn’t show up and who attends a consultation but doesn’t hire right away.

“When we communicated with them using our system of building relationships and not allowing them to fall through the cracks, our business gained an instant boost.”

If you have spent any time around Rich you know that he is a systems guy. He taught Jamie that when you build the correct systems in your law firm and you hire the right people to run the systems, you become an attorney who is able to work ON his business rather than IN it all of the time.

Jamie had built a successful law firm but a few adjustments like determining which marketing was working in his firm and what wasn’t working

“Rich taught me how to look at all of my marketing and how to pay attention to the math and know exactly where the marketing was working and where it wasn’t.”

Why is this so important? It’s important, Jamie explains because he could then invest more marketing dollars in what was working and abandon what wasn’t.

Today, Jamie Miller continues to learn from Richard James as his firm continues to grow. If you want YOUR firm to experience the same kind of results as Miller & Miller Law, don’t take his word for it. Jamie encourages other law firm owners to get Rich’s book: The DNA of the Autonomous Attorney.

Find out how you can build the law firm that supports your life style, not undermines it.

Because of Richard James, my law firm is doing better than ever!

Today, I know where I want to go with my law firm and I know we are going to get there, thanks to Richard James.

It hasn’t always been easy! There have been times that Rich told me things I didn’t always want to hear.

I know he is always trying to help me and my law firm improve.

Ever since one of the first things Rich taught me—how to write my own book The Truth About Bankruptcy in Wisconsin: Your Pathway to a Brighter Future—I began learning to create a law firm that supports my lifestyle and doesn’t UNDERMINE IT.

Everything has become easier and the growth has been monumental!

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